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Axis Syllabus

Axis Syllabus – ein Bewegungslexikon

Axis Syllabus (Initiator: Frey Faust) begleitet mich seit Anbeginn meiner Tanzausbildung und inspiriert mich über meinen Unterricht und Tanz hinaus in allen Lebensbereichen. Seit 2013 nehme ich am teacher`s training process zum Axis Syllabus-Lehrer teil und bin Mitglied der ASIRC (Axis Syllabus International Research Community). Es ist ein Bewegungslexikon, das Information aus Biomechanik, Anatomie und Physik dazu nutzt, funktionell sinnvolle Bewegungen im eigenen Körper zu erforschen. Diese Informationsquelle ermöglicht, Bewegungen zu analysieren, besser zu verstehen und die Eigenwahrnehmung des Körpers in der Dynamik zu trainieren. Es geht um ein leichtes und intensives Bewegungsgefühl (nicht nur) im Tanz und um respektvollen Umgang sowohl mit uns selbst als auch miteinander. Und – natürlich – um die Freude am Tanzen!

about: The Axis Syllabus is a movement lexicon that collects, interrelates and physically applies information from anatomy, biomechanics and physics about universal human locomotion principles. The Axis Syllabus has been initiated by Frey Faust and has eventually become a movement and a research platform for the ASIRC (Axis Syllabus international research community) that explores the kinetic potential of our bodies and aims for functional movement patterns beyond merely esthetical criterias – and for a joyful way of moving in accordance with our body structure and it`s physical context. The Axis Syllabus reflects on how we move and dance in a health-promoting and respectful manner – both towards ourselves and towards those with whom we are sharing dance, time and space

aktuelle Workshops:

Handling our hands

In relation to other bodyparts, our brain`s cortex reserves a huge space for managing and perceiving our hands. In this class we will get in touch with and have a closer look at the structure of our hands and research how to use them functionally as a support on the floor, how to sequentially load our bodyweight into them and how to integrate both stability and mobility into our movement. The class will invite to question movement habits and to curiously re-discover the great potential of our hands and the dynamic adaption of our body to them. We will look for ease in moving towards and around the pull of gravity, and – of course – for the joy of moving together!